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ADD Technologies
19 Rue de la Bourdonnais
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ADD Technologies

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ADD Technologies SAS is a design office based in Lorient that commercializes and develops its innovative wing-sail system Add-Modules.
ADD Technologies is positioned as a supplier of a wind propulsion system and collaborates with maritime stakeholders to meet their needs and constraints. The system’s small-sized supports highlight improved usage and performance compared to a classic sail. The company’s objective is to equip larger surface sails for work vessels and transport vessels.


Add-Modules wing-sail : innovative wind propulsion system for maritime industry. The aim of this innovation is to boost the performance of a classic sail, to add stability and make the practice easier. It increases the product life cycle.


The wing-sail is achieved through the combination of a base-sail, a semi-rigid panel applied on each side and inflatable inserts to space the panel from the sail. It adapts to the various needs and constraints of the maritime industry.


Our wing-sails are co-created with sailsmakers through collaboratives projects. A pilot is conducted on a 10 meters mast. A 20 meters mast will be equipped and we will then jointly develop a solution at full scale with maritime industry.