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1 rue Amiral Nielly
29200 Brest
tel : 02 85 67 20 40
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Naval EMR Naval

Support activities (design, implementation, operation) for industrial systems


LGM is specialized in support activities (design, implementation, operation…) for industrial systems (particulary in naval and offshore fields): great expertise in logistic support, risk management and maintenance in operational conditions.


Integrated logistic support (ILS) (shipbuilding). Maintenance in operational condition (Global in Service). Project management. Ship repair. Documentation engineering. Technical specifications. Maintenance studies. Risk studies. Reliability studies.


CMSS: AMOS. Dependability:Reliability: CARE, REFLEX, RAM/Commander. Fault tree: Risk Spectrum. Simulation: Extend. Document/Desktop publishing: Framemaker, Illustrator, Photoshop. Structured documentation: Epic Editor. Picture: Isodraw, Visio, AutoCA