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ALD Calculs Mécaniques
2 rue Léon Bloy
29000 Quimper
tel : 02 98 95 76 22
fax : +336 06 42 41 21
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ALD Calculs Mécaniques

Naval EMR Naval

FEA & CFD Mechanical Calculations Consultant.


Structural mechanics, fluid mechanics, heat transfer, coupled thermal structural analysis, hydrodynamics, fluid/structure interaction. AldCM is
approved by the French Ministry of Education and Research for the Research Credit Tax.


AldCM supports you to predict, optimize and control the mechanical performances of your products using numerical simulation (structural issues, fluids and hydrodynamics). Main assets of AldCM: listenning, responsiveness, quality and proximity.


PhD thesis in Physics & Energetic, 27 years spent in mechanical calculations. Working mainly with Ansys software & PC workstations.