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27 bis Avenue des frères Rey - La Chapelle Caro
56460 Val d'Oust
tel : 02 97 74 76 56
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Naval EMR Naval

Anticorrosion Coating : hot dip galvanizing, metal spray, painting liquid/powder.


Coating specialist (hot dip galvanising + Metal Spray + Painting). PRESTIA is a leader in the north
of France. High quality level, large services offer (container, packaging, training, audits).
Certification ACQPA, Qualisteelcoat.


Hot dip galvanising, spinning, painting, pow-der coating, metal spray, dedicated logistics.
Well recognized for duplex treatment (anticorrosion + esthetics). PRESTIA offer you offshore specific
treatment. ACQPA and Qualisteelcoat labelized.


12 workshops (North Ouest, department 29, 56, 14, 72, 76, 79), capacity of 100,000 t/year. Zincbath of 16.5x2.1x3m, 8.4x1.4x3m, 4.5x 1.7x3m. Powder or liquid painting L max = 15 m. Automatic or manual coating. 27 semi trailers.