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5 rue Fulgence Bienvenue, Zone de Kerdroual
56270 Ploemeur
tel : +33 2 97 47 58 91
fax : +332 97 47 92 85
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mailto: a.lo.tech@orange.fr


Naval EMR Naval

Human and safety equipments, sea rescue and survival equipments


Project management service and development based on specifications. Supplier of ALOTECH manufactured equipment in the areas of safety, rescue and survival for Navy, for Aviation. Trader for military and wind turbine products. Development and certific


Inflatable lifejacket (SOLAS or EN12402), survival life raft (SOLAS), manufacturer of pallet fitted with net, pilot ladder (6 to 32 steps), safety net, vertrep net, survival suit, sling aviation transportation, survival components, survival kits, har


A 110 m² assembly and mounting workshop. Research department of 4 persons in safety, rescue and survival in maritime, aviation and Member wind turbine areas.