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EDF Délégation Régionale Bretagne
7 rue Maillard de la Gournerie - TSA 43935
35039 Rennes Cedex
tel : 02 99 14 34 73
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EDF Délégation Régionale Bretagne


Producer of renewable energy


EDF was a pioneer in the use of marine energy when it comissioned the Rance tidal power plant (1966),they now continue to innovate in Brittany with their project of tidal turbine farm in Paimpol-Bréhat. Innovating technology of electrical production.


Development of a tidal turbine farm in Paimpol-Bréhat, in close cooperation with various partners involved, the local and regional authorities of Britanny.Test of the prototype of the tidal turbine named "'Arcouest; 850 t, 16 m in diameter and a unit


2,750 employees in Britanny (EDF group).