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AML - Ateliers Mécaniques Lorientais
32 rue Ingénieur Verrière
56100 Lorient
tel : 0297833265
fax : +332 97 83 33 55
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AML - Ateliers Mécaniques Lorientais

Naval EMR

All interventions mechanical, boilerwork, piping. Naval & industry


ATELIERS MÉCANIQUES LORIENTAIS has been specialized since 25 years in marine, industrial mechanics and boilermaking. AML is recognized for the quality of its services of general mechanics, naval, boilermaking and piping.


We are attentive and close to our customers for all types of work mechanical, boilermaking, piping, construction, shipbuilding and ship repair


Our teams are made up of twenty qualified technicians, our advanced equipment allows us to respond in quality and with reactivity to customers needs.