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Founded in 2010, DynamOcean is an independent consultancy in physical oceanography based in Brittany.

Our oceanographers have an in-depth knowledge, theoretical and practical, of the wave and tidal dynamics within the offshore, coastal and estuarine environments.

We are involved in French and European R&D projects on turbulence and waves characterisation.

Our MetOcean surveys and analysis studies have been carried out in France, Europe and around the World.

DynamOcean also offers a comprehensive pool of Oceanographic survey equipment for rental


DynamOcean is an independent consultancy in physical oceanography.

• Development of instrumented seafloor platforms
• Oceanographic surveys
• Development of analysis and modelling tools


- Oceanographic survey equipment rental
- Seafloor platforms development and manufacture
- Measurements (waves, current, turbulence, wind, etc.)
- Analysis and characterisation
- Real-time monitoring


Oceanographic equipment

ADCP, ADV, Wave and MetOcean buoys
Seabed platforms, ARGOS and IRIDIUM beacons, Acoustic releases
IMU, GNSS receivers
Acoustic modems
HF Radio modems
USBL system