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AVEL robotics
7 rue H. H. d'Estienne D'Orves - La Base
56100 Lorient
tel : 0297878605
fax : 0623214727
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AVEL Robotics

AVEL robotics


AVEL manufactures composites parts using automated fiber placement machine


AVEL Robotics has perfected the manufacture of carbon hydrofoils using Automated Fiber Placement (AFP), also known as automated lay-up.


Manufacturing of high performance composite parts - Manufacturing of composite parts by addtive manufacturing (AFP* machine - Automated Fiber Placement). Boating : Foils, rudders, doggerboards, mast bulkheads. EMR: structural parts Blades.


The strength of AVEL Robotics lies in the innovative capacity of its team of experienced composite engineers and technicians. Our site of Lorient on 1000m2. Our workshop is comprised of a layup room, cure room and sanding booth.The strength of AVEL R