Salon Pro & Mer: “Come with your ideas, leave with a job! "

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If you are curious to discover the trades and companies in the sea sector - whether it is the naval industry, the merchant marine, renewable energies, aquaculture… - come with your CV in several copies on October 14 in Lorient ! The Salon Pro & Mer is organized so that you can discover, discuss with professionals and even apply on site.

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PROJECTS NEWS N°1 Nos Adhérents ont du Talent !

Nos Adhérents ont du Talent !

Take part in the opening round table!

Watch the intervention of Anne Le Page, director of La Touline:

Discover the BIMER

What is BIMER?
By the way, what is it for?
But who is it for?

The BIMER is your passport to the sea, from shipbuilding, to marine renewable energies, to the exciting activities of transport, to the "fun" of ocean racing. Obtaining your BIMER is giving you the means to pilot your future!

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In 2021, faithful to our values, we will be at your side to accompany you in your projects, to support you in your development! These are not wishes, but a reality.

IN 4.0 effective support for innovative companies!

IN 4.0

By taking part in OCEAN B TO B on 10 and 11 February, and by applying for the OCEAN INNOVATION TROPHIES, you are setting your sights on innovation!

The IN 4.0 project is the springboard you need to overcome the obstacles of digital innovation.
BPN partner of IN 4.0 will accompany you in this major evolution for your company. Discover or re-discover IN 4.0 Naval Intelligence 4.0.

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