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The announcements of the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron, this Thursday, October 28th at 8pm on the seriousness of the situation and the measures implemented to try to reduce the pandemic, are unavoidable and make the cancellation of this public event mandatory.
It is our responsibility not to make our exhibitors, visitors and teams take any risk, because for us the most important thing is the health and safety of all.
Consequently, the edition of November 3rd in Lorient will not take place.

Ship As A Service, with the acquisition of COMEX makes a noticeable breakthrough in EMRS

Ship As A Service

Congratulations to our two members Ship As A Service and Setec In Vivo who have collaborated during various campaigns during the summer, notably for the realization of maps of underwater habitats in the framework of cable landing projects. These missions mobilized the resources of COMEX MARINE, now a subsidiary of Ship As A Service (SAAS OFFSHORE).
A fine proof of the excellence of the companies in the BPN network.


On Thursday 9th July, BPN held its first seminar "Give us the means" as part of its support for its companies in a structured recovery plan.

The extended Board of Directors worked actively in 4 working groups. Each with the aim of defining an agile action plan with immediate effect.

The heart of companies - HR - employment- training - work organization ....
The means : investments, AOTs, industrial and port tools
Economic recovery: economy, support, assistance
Tomorrow: Courses of action for development

SNSM Du Finistère - Quimper

"This Tuesday 26th May 2020, Mrs CUESTA, General Delegate BPN, Bretagne Pôle Naval came to give 4000 surgical masks and 200 FFP2 masks to Admiral DAMLAIMCOURT, Departmental Delegate of the Finistère SNSM Sea Rescuers. She was accompanied by Mrs LE PAGE and Mr LE STRAT, respectively director and president of La Touline.

the Board of Directors

The 2020 General Meeting held on 25 MAY 2020 due to the health crisis in dematerialised format validated the election of the members of the Board of Directors for the new term of office :
New directors
Actemium Brest - Thomas Noblet
Coprexma - Jean-François Ansquer
Enag - Henri Le Gallais
ETT - Christophe Marziou
Mecadiesel -Jean-Yves Labbé
Mer Forte - Denis Juhel
Piriou - Vincent Faujour
Sabella - Jean-François Daviau
Seasidetech - Samuel Cornu
welcome to our new directors for the year 2020 and for the next 3 years.
Congratulations to Frédéric GUENA unanimously reappointed as Chairm

More than ever, companies in the maritime sector have demonstrated that Breton solidarity is a reality.

BPN the industrial cluster is at the initiative of federating companies, with the aim of donating surgical masks and very soon FFP2 to the caretakers of Brittany. The industrial companies of the naval sector have each participated to their own extent in this collective and solidarity action, a beautiful story illustrated by a strong partnership with Ailes Marines which has supported BPN from the very first hour.
BPN organised the logistics but this action was only possible thanks to the Breton network in China.


The world has come to a standstill, but competence, innovation and quality are in full swing for the Breton shipbuilding industry. Congratulations to our member the PLASTIMER shipyard in St Guenolé.

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