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Chantier Bretagne Sud based in ETEL, finds a new partner in the Varois ACTI group, whose activities focus on the production trades: boiler making, sheet metal, piping and mechanics.
For Yannick Bian it is a new boost for CBS
"In the medium term, it was necessary to integrate a group with a significant size as our order book is filling up and the markets in which we are positioned are too large in relation to our financial structure.


France 3 Bretagne 19/20

BPN and its companies at the forefront of technology, Innovation = Industrialisation, a Breton reality!
ITECHMER closed its doors after 3J business, Itechmer kept all its promises by the quality of the conferences, the discovery of new technologies. Thank you to our companies and partners FORO MARITIMO VASCO, Crédit Agricole filière mer, la Touline for this success story.
THANK YOU to our speakers: A. Giacosa AFG M Blanc Barillec,L Mermier Ship St,H Le Gallais Enag,T Sadrin France Helices,P. Gaior Sofresid, M. Gavory.Mtu and our moderator EM.Peton-Cluster Maritime Français

BUS-INESS VISIT, a 1st success

On September 18th, 40 of our companies took the road from Brest and Lorient, 1st stop at PLESTIN LES GREVES for a visit to the BORD A BORD site, 2nd stop for a large bus to SAINT MALO, with the visit of EMERAUDE MOTEURS, CONSTRUCTION BRETAGNE NORD and SOCARENAM. A day where the exchanges were numerous and rich, where companies were able to "drive and in 7 minutes pitcher" or the moments of conviviality allowed to develop new contact...... in 2 words and according to all the participants! A success, to be repeated !

Lorient Port Center - Discover hall is trades

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Discover the maritime excellence of the country of Lorient, Port Center offers you another vision of the infrastructures and skills of the port world.

Our members are in the news

Communiqué de presse Geps Techno

The WAVEGEM wave-motor EMR prototype was installed by SHIP AS SERVICE, a member of BPN;

SHIP AS SERVICE's expertise enabled the WAVEGEM project to be installed on the SEMREV site as part of the IHES project.

IN 4.0 video innovation at the heart of the naval industry

Innovation is the major challenge of the European shipping industry, BPN supports its companies by participating in the European IN 4.0 programme for the benefit of Breton SMEs.
Find the testimonials of our companies and partners and embark on a journey of naval intelligence.
The virtual at the service of reality! earn competitiveness points.
Project yourself!

BPN is particularly proud of the distinction of Knight of Maritime Merit obtained by Jean-François DAVIAU on July 15, 2019.
The perseverance, commitment and passion of our director are undoubtedly the factors that have enabled SABELLA to achieve its goals and will enable this innovative company to meet the challenge of Renewable Marine Energies.

Employment and training at the heart of the naval sector

BPN's employment, training and legal commission is organized to support companies in their active search for key skills, find job offers on the BPN website.
Are you looking for a job?
Do you want to change course?
Manage your future ! upload your CV one single path and a few clicks "job space - upload your CV"

Directory BPN 2019

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Find out about some specific trades, products, services and more or spot local opportunities in a wink. Looking up the info you need is made easy with the latest issue of BPN Directory.
With over 190 businesses and organisations, BPN Industrial Cluster is heard loud and clear as it promotes 3 Breton flagships: the Shipbuilding, Marine Renewable Energy and Oil and Gas industries. BPN Directory is a must-have for those interested in leading-edge services and products.

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