PRO&MER 5th edition

Transform your dreams,
Become our know-how
PRO&MER slogan became a reality on March 15, 2018.
2746 visitors were able to meet the 90 exhibitors, discover the 1376 job offers and the 1800 training proposals. A day full of promesses, PRO&MER 2018 open the dorrs of a universe where passion and motivation are the keys of sucess.

January 1, 2018, the wishes of BPN in the presence of more than 80 members and partners.
dynamic, convivial greetings that have made it possible for all to have a great meeting and to be able to develop its network to initiate synergies.
Thank you all for your renewed confidence from year to year.
2018 a year PARTNER a year always +

The literary season at its high points, the industries of the Sea as well ... .J-7 before the publication of the 2018 directory of BPN more than 200 descriptive pages of a quality know-how.

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